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Proms work our very expensive with many teenagers unable to go simply because of the costs and their families being unable to afford them.


Emma Green, who has featured on Meridian TV, BBC Radio Sussex and in the Evening Argus, set up a service to help ... and she called it Prom Dreams, covering the whole of Sussex.  She also enlisted the help of her partner James White, without whom Emma would have never managed everything.


Prom Dreams takes in donations of suits, dresses, shoes and accessories, many of them hardly used ... and some of them brand new when they were donated.


Prom Dreams contacts all local schools to give those teenagers the chance to enjoy their prom and feel good in what they are wearing!


If you have any donations please contact us via this page too.  If you are a parent or guardian who would like our help please contact the school your child attends to be referred to us.

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