Apply for a prom dress or suit

All Prom Dreams' clothing is available to assist those families whose circumstances might limit their ability to obtain a dress or suit for their children's proms.  We also supply shoes and accessories, subject to availability.


All applications are arranged through the student's own school in good time for their Year 11 Prom, and parents are asked to contact their child's Head of Year 11 in good time to enable Prom Dreams to arrange a viewing and fitting.  Clothes can also be made available for other similar events in the student's life during their time at school.


Schools are asked use this page to contact us, using the form on the link opposite.  Parents and students cannot apply to us directly in the first place, but once the school has asked for our help, then the student can come to us.  Students attending viewings and fittings must be accompanied by a parent, lawful guardian or, in some cases, a care / case worker.


Everything we do is confidential, and Prom Dreams will never divulge any information about the students we help, nor about their family or their circumstances.

Start the contact / application process

Schools wishing to refer students are asked to click on and download the following form, in PDF format, print it, complete it for each student, scan it, and email it back to Prom Dreams as an attachment

Prom Dreams correspondence address

369 Kingsway, Hove BN3 4QD

07423 249725

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Prom Dreams Application Form
Version 2 amended 12 March 2020
Please click on the low-resolution form to download.